“Success Meets Success” Where Successful FTSE 100 Leaders Go, To Achieve Even More.

FTSE 100 Peer Advisory Board, Best & Brightest Learning From Each Other

Strategic advisor and Mentor to the FTSE 100 leaders, Moe Nawaz has created one the most dynamic learning communities in the world through his peer mastermind groups. The entrepreneurs and leaders in his communities help each other to learn.  Since Moe has been running his communities of mastermind groups, taking a very conservative figure even by cutting it in half Moe has increased revenues in excess of £760 million.

The Power & Synergy Of Europe’s Most Powerful Mastermind Groups

Just consider the breakthroughs and possibilities for you and your organisation by working with the world’s most respected mentor to the FTSE 100 leaders. Moe Nawaz runs one of  the most powerful community of ten like-minded leaders of the FTSE 100 companies from ten different backgrounds and industries all helping and learning from each other to achieve ground-breaking achievements never thought possible individually. The intellectual capital, power and the synergy in these mastermind groups ensures that the community of the ten leaders stay at the top of their game in years to come, by challenging each other in the group and holding each member accountable for their goals and commitments each month. Great leaders leverage themselves by developing and learning from other great leaders in our community of mastermind groups. 

Did you know?, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Dale Carnegie, Harvey Firestone, Charles Wrigley, William Hertz and Graham Bell were members of the same mastermind group in the 1930′s?

Achieve Your 5 Year Goals in 3 Years or Less.

What do you have to do to become a great leader?. A little more simply put… two minds are better than one. Better yet, when you bring several minds together, and they are working on a common goal, a synergy happens within the group that could not happen with one person by him/herself. In other words, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” The synergy of 10 like-minded none competing FTSE 100 leaders sharing ideas and learning from each other once a month with the focus to bring their 5 year goals down to 3 years. To learn more and find out how to become one of the lucky ten to join a mastermind group….. Just click here.

Some of the clients who have worked with Moe Nawaz over the years.