Sorry Totally Sold Out…

On November 27th, 2014… join a small army of never-say-die British entrepreneurs and business leaders... gathering behind closed doors to discover how to protect and grow their profits while risking very little time, money or effort…


An In-Person, No-Nonsense,

Business Growth Masterclass...

Strategic Advisor & Mentor To
FTSE 100 Leaders, Moe Nawaz…

Reveals How His Low-Risk
“Evergreen Growth Strategies”
Get More Clients… To Pay You
More Money… Much More Often!

“The most respected mentor to the FTSE 100 leaders in Europe”

ATTENDEE NOTE: This event is open to entrepreneurs at all stages of life and career. However, in an effort to protect the competitive advantages gained by each attendee, and foster a productive small group environment, seating is strictly limited to the first 100 registrants.

Moe’s 26 year business career began as a “Turnaround Practitioner” who grew a reputation for saving businesses struggling to stay afloat. Today, Moe’s focus is on passing down those hard-won lessons to the next generation of business leaders, worldwide.

To that end, Moe’s client base extends across all five continents, including North America, Russia, China, Dubai, Germany, India, Iran, Italy & France.

Clients who’ve turned to Moe for the ideas they need to bolster their profits range from budding, beginning entrepreneurs, through to established leaders from multi-national companies such as the BBC, British Airways, Jaguar, Barclay’s and others, spanning 47 industries and sectors…

By conservative calculation, Moe Nawaz’s private clients have used these rapid-growth strategies to create over £760 million in new revenues.

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moe1If you’re an entrepreneur or business leader who recognizes the critical value of a clear competitive edge…

I urge you to reserve your seat today to join me on November 27th, within the sound-proofed walls of the London, Kensington Marriott for a private and closed-door “one-off” event.

For 26 years I’ve consulted with private clients in over 47 industries and business sectors.

I’ve proudly stood shoulder-to-shoulder with these men and women… often in the heat of high stakes “do or die” situations

My mission?

To find the smoothest and most affordable path to the safety of more sales… from more clients… more often.

Yes. I discovered many moons ago, that business problems, however formidable, can usually be quickly fixed in the same way…

Strong and sustainable sales growth…
has an almost magical healing effect on
pretty much every business ailment
known to man…

And today, I’d like to extend you an invite to discover exactly how to boost the revenues in your own business, safely and successfully, without too much risk.

As you’re invited to join me a day of total immersion in the specific, versatile and often counter-intuitive “Evergreen Growth Strategies” I’ve used to boost the bottom-lines of companies of all shapes and sizes for over two-decades…

Often when all hope looked lost… long time employees were ready to clean out their desks… and company doors were just days away from being padlocked  for good

For instance, when we meet in September, I’m keen to introduce you to business-saving strategies like…

The “Front End Freebie” Strategy.

When I first advised an industrial printer company to give away all their profits from the first sale they made to each new customer, they accused me of losing my marbles! But when they gave it a shot…shock turned to smiles and amazement. Sales skyrocketed fivefold in less than 13 months. The discovery of this rarely utilized profit-play will likely be a memorable moment for you too…

The “Long-Lost Treasure” Strategy.

Many businesses have priceless assets rotting away in the attic! But move quickly and you can shine up this neglected and long-forgotten treasure… so it collects cash, not dust! When I shared this simple yet surprising strategy with an under-performing golf shop, it gifted them an extra £388,480.90 in sales!

Yes… just ONE well-chosen Evergreen
strategy can skyrocket your sales…

The Art of Evergreen Licensing.

This creative yet straightforward strategy helped one of my clients ink a lucrative licensing deal with Phillips® the electrical giant. This is a strategy you must be versed in if you aspire to be paid handsomely and frequently for any kind of patented or intellectual property.

The “Win-Win-Win” Alliance.

This strategy lets you monetize your existing relationships with suppliers, employees, your bank, accountants, trade associations, industry journals —even your competitors! One of my private clients in New York got punched in the gut by the economic downturn. With my guidance, he staged an epic comeback… organising a three-tiered “win-win-win” alliance with his local professional network that turned his business around. I’ll have time to share the full story with you when we meet in person…


Why I’m finally sharing my secrets…

Until now, I’ve kept a firm lid on the strategies I’ve put to work to get big and enduring wins for my clients.

In radio and TV interviews I’ve shared “snippets” of my unique process, but never the full gamut of game changing strategies I look forward to sharing with you.

Why am I speaking out like never before?

Well, the idea for this event was “seeded” in my mind earlier this year.

I was invited to give a closed-door business session this past May, at the UK’s Customer Loyalty & Retention Summit.

Event attendees were business luminaries from BT, British Gas, Orange, Marstons, even the heads of marketing for football clubs like Aston Villa and Arsenal.

“Moe Nawaz, speaking at the 2014 Customer Loyalty & Retention Summit”

Moe Nawaz, speaking at the 2014 Customer Loyalty & Retention Summit

Strategizing with these leaders from deep within the highest ranks of British business “royalty” served to remind me that no enterprise…

Big, small, or any size in-between… is ever completely free from the ravages of stress and uncertainty.

Everyone… no matter their rung on the business ladder… is under immense pressure to get more clients… and make more sales… more often.

However, don’t shed a tear for the big guys… they’ve got an unfair advantage over you…

The giants of British business have a
“get out of jail” card that you don’t…

In many cases, they can just reach into their pockets and pump more money into massive rounds of well targeted media exposure.

They have the luxury to “buy” themselves out of trouble.

It doesn’t always work, but at least the option is open to them.

But it’s not to you.

Unless you have deep wells of advertising money just laying around… you can’t just dip into your pockets when times are tough.

As you know all too well…

You have to show ever-increasing levels of ingenuity, invention and strategic creativity just to keep your head above water.

And as I chatted with Britain’s business elite at this prestigious “coming together” in central London…

It drove home to me what’s sadly
lacking in British business…

…a new “gold standard” of proven, affordable and low-risk growth strategies

…specifically for entrepreneurs who lack the upper hand of a huge advertising budget…

…and who, perhaps like you, need and deserve an armory of low-cost strategies to drive new sales from both new and existing clients.

That’s why I’ve spent considerable time since May, mapping out what can only be called a “masterclass” in how to achieve sustained business growth without big risk.

It will supply you with the distinct strategic advantages you need to survive and thrive in today’s business world.

So the playing field is leveled. And so you always have great low-risk options you can turn to when you need to create new revenues.

To that end, I’ve reserved an intimate, friendly and closed-door setting for us to roll up our sleeves and “go to work” on your business this September…

…so I can arm you with these battle-tested business survival strategies required for you to enter a long-term phase of safe, sustained, profit growth for you and the enterprise you captain…

without the need for big expenditures of time and money.

And if you’re wondering, who is this guy?

Has he walked the walk? Let me assure you…

I might look like a guy who’s never got
his hands dirty in his entire life… but if I
ripped open my shirt, you’d see 26
years-worth of battle scars earned deep
inside the business trenches…

But these painful lessons have ultimately
taught me what works!

Fact is, you won’t find what I’m going to share with you in the “business” section of the local bookstore or the digital shelves of Amazon….

…and I’ll be shocked if even a single proven profit-getting strategy I reveal to you is taught in any expensive M.B.A course anywhere in the world.

What I’m going to share with you isn’t “theory” pulled from hearsay or second-hand knowledge…

It’s the fruits of hard-won “accumulated wisdom”… painfully collected from hundreds of hard knocks.

That’s why I can share proven paths to higher profits like…

The “Win-Win-Win” Alliance.

Tired of people choosing your lowest priced products or services? This strategy painlessly incentivizes your clients to spend more and more money with you. When I introduced one of my private clients to this quick-fire formula, much to his astonishment and delight, 87% of his customer base started to choose his most expensive product package!

The “Spare Tire” Strategy.

This gets its name from the bicycle importer who I helped “find” £2.6 million in new sales within 2 years. The secret? A simple strategic shift in focus into selling high-margin “extras” that other sellers overlooked entirely. I also used a variation of this strategy to help the thrilled owner of a transportation and storage facility bump their storage capacity from 20% to 90%… and increase their delivery business by a full 300%…

People who’ve never faced the pressure
of meeting payroll, tend to look at
business through a child’s eyes…

They dismiss the entrepreneurial life as a gently flowing series of “ups and downs”…

But little do they know what goes on behind closed doors.

They have no clue how lonely life is at the top!

Revenue worries steal your sleep.

Fires rage daily… and you’re the only person who can put them out.

You need ten “clones” of you just make sure every job gets done right.

Employees don’t think for themselves, too often you have to do their most basic thinking for them.

A quick phone call carrying bad news can turn your day and your mood upside down.

Competitors are breathing down your neck.

Costs are soaring.

The supply chain has stalled.

Your website’s down.

And that’s just before lunch!

In other words…

It’s rewards may be thrilling… but
business is no teddy bear’s picnic… its
cut-throat, unforgiving and rewards

And if you’re like many of the private clients who reach out to me, you can’t shake the fact that business should and could be so much better…

…so much simpler… and less stressful, while never losing it’s ability to excite you…

…but the big unanswered question always looms…

How exactly can I make that happen, without risking too much?

Well, I plan to finally provide you with detailed answers to that question when we meet in September.

Proven… tested answers… born from real-world cuts and bruises…

That will show you ways you can implement incredibly quickly to make more sales, more often…. with barely any extra effort on your part.

The situation is too serious to ever rely on anything less than been-there-done-that experience and insight.

We do stand at a crisis point, after all…

61% of new businesses meet their death
within their first 5 years of life…

But I’m hell-bent on making sure you do more than just stay alive by the skin of your teeth…

…armed with the transformative principles and practical strategies I’ll share, you have all the ammunition you need to thrive!

The strategies I want to introduce you to have increased combined revenues for participants of my mastermind groups in excess of £760 million …

…and that’s a highly conservative estimate based only on trackable results. The real number is likely much higher.

It’s taken me 26 years of methodical trial and error to test and refine these profit-plays across a broad range of industry sectors…

…but when we meet, they will only take you mere minutes and hours to soak in and start putting to work for your success on your arrival home.

The best part?

You will be free to quickly “swipe and deploy” the same simple and specific strategies that deliver my clients such immediate and head-turning results…

…while exposing so little of their time, money and effort to unnecessary danger…

Arrive ready for me to personally
introduce you to low-risk, high-reward,
strategies, like…

The “Three Lane” Profit Highway.

Did you know that there’s only 3 possible ways to increase your profits? Most business owners leave life-changing money on the table because they fixate on just one way to boost their bottom-line. However, if you want to stop short-changing yourself… let me help! One of my clients, a men’s clothing retailer, grew sales by a whopping £3.6 million in 12 months simply by opening their mind to this trio of ways to build wealth.

The “Buying Cycle Accelerator.”

I turned to this nifty little strategy to bolster the leading French car dealership in the UK. French car lovers just weren’t returning often enough to buy a new vehicle. Client retention rate was a pathetic 23% which meant the owners had to spend out of the nose on advertising to bring in new buyers. But when we instituted this money-spinning strategy, their retention rate bounced to 63%, saving them a small fortune on expensive advertising.

The “Multi-Channel Shield.”

This strategy saved the day for a panicked Scottish jean maker. He called me after falling victim to an unannounced change in Google policy. Sales had fallen like a brick from £55,000 a week, to a little over £10,000. The solution? I gave him the clear action-steps to build an uncrackable shield of protection around his business. Five months later, he was back on track with sales over £88,000 a week and growing. Most importantly, he was insulated from losing everything he’d worked so hard to build.

Of course… although I’m breaking my lengthy silence about these strategies… not everyone is happy about it…

My private clients have said…
“Moe, Say It Ain’t So!”…
So I’ve made these promises…

First… so not to disturb the clear “foot up” these strategies give my private clients (who gladly pay me £20,000 for a day of consulting), I’ve promised to only reveal these secrets to a small, intimate audience.

Hence the establishment of a strict 100 person seating limit.

Beside my obvious financial ties with my clients, I also sit on many of their executive boards as a strategic advisor and consultant.

I treasure these relationships. They’ve been forged within the “make or break” moments when their sales engines needed to roar… or they’d have to turn the lights out on their dreams.

These friendships often extend to the golf course and family gatherings. So I’m not willing to jeopardize them in any way.

That’s why I’ve also shaken hands on a second promise.

I’ve agreed not to make a habit of these events.

Given their obvious value to entrepreneurs seeking to grow and stabilize their profits, I’m certainly open to sharing these strategies again…

…especially as an uncertain future
comes at us like a 10-ton freight-train…

Of course, what’s standing between you and bigger profits may not be what you think.

And that’s why we’re getting together. In person, eye to eye. To find the real underlying problems that are holding you back, and then slay them like George and his dragon.

I will introduce you to new yet crystal-clear growth-concepts… “lightbulb moment” ideas… nuts “n” bolts strategic “power-plays” that can lead to almost instant domination of your industry, market or sector …

I will alert you to where you’ve erred off path on your way to profits… so you can quickly get back on track and pick up speed like a jet plane…

I will guide you to spot new profit centers hiding in your existing businesses

…and harness “lost” resources to tap new revenue engines you never knew were open to you.

I will open your mind to various routes to “systemizing” profits, without the need for excess work or effort with each new sale.

I will share secrets to creating and profiting from 2,000% leverage in everything you do in business…

…so you’re using other people to build your business legacy… and not getting crushed by debt (and the resulting stress) like so many business owners find themselves today.

I will show you a proven 3-step path to what I call an “Evergreen” business, which blooms year-round… and makes it’s stakeholders money whatever economic firestorms are around the bend.

We will cover all the critical and essential ground of how to attract new qualified prospects… then convert them into paying clients… and then retain those clients for life!

In short…

I will fully immerse you in a whole new world where unyielding customer loyalty is easy to foster and forge.

And where business growth is possible without large risk… thanks to creative approaches even your most able competitors will never see coming!

WHO THIS EVENT IS FOR: I’m giving this event for SERIOUS
business builders and business leaders.

  • If you’re new to business and want to get started right… or if you’ve already established yourself and you’re out to gain an unfair and extraordinary advantage over others…
  • If you want to close more deals and make more sales… whilst expending minimal time, effort and money…
  • Grow your revenues faster than your competitors… and stabilize that growth with ease.
  • Achieve utter domination in your niche or your industry…
  • Branch out into new, untouched markets… and uncover new opportunities that no-one else in your industry knows exist…
  • Ride tested yet little-known strategies to rapid and low-risk growth…
  • Meet and form alliances with the sharpest and most dedicated business pros who wouldn’t miss a closed-door event like this for the world…

If this describes you, you’re likely to be able to multiply your investment in this event 10X, 100X, even 1,000X… and you’re invited to join me.

Sorry Totally Sold Out…


Spend a full day of total immersion,
going deep into what really works to
move the sales needle, alongside
Britain’s hungriest action-taking

Our event will take place within the charming confines of the London Marriott Kensington on November 27th, 2014.


I should warn you that seats have already been snatched up, even before this webpage went live.

Already confirmed as attendees are principles from some of the UK’s fast-rising companies, through to fledgling entrepreneurs who want to avoid making common mistakes that can crush your dreams right out of the gate.


I don’t want to give you the wrong idea.

This isn’t a glitzy “star studded” affair. This is the first time (and perhaps last time) I’ll reveal these strategies. But this is us going “in the trenches” together for the good of your future.

It’s you… me… and a remarkable collective of similarly mature business thinkers… taking a down ‘n’ dirty… no-nonsense journey into how to make more money in business today…

…expect “no fluff” whatsoever… just actionable and easy-to-execute  business strategy you can take to the bank.

In short… expect to leave with a LOT of notes!

To bring these little-known strategies alive before your eyes… I will be sharing dozens of practical case study examples.

All of which will gladden you by how easily they can be implemented, even on a shoestring budget.

(And as you can see from the litany of examples I’ve included on this page… you only need to quickly execute a single one of these strategies to experience a rapid and sustainable sales boost…)

Our time together will also include generous intervals reserved for back and forth dialog, allowing ample opportunity for you to shoot up your hand and ask the question that may lead to a massive breakthrough.

Plus, it would be a wasted opportunity—given the rarity of having so many great business minds into the same room—to not gift you a chance to “mastermind” in person with your fellow attendees.

As they say… your “network” is your “net-worth.” And I’d like to offer you this chance to expand your valuable network of contacts deep into the highest-reaches of Britain’s entrepreneurial community.

While it’s up to you to reach out a hand and make new connections, it wouldn’t surprise me if several attendees walk away from our day with a new 7-figure or greater joint venture opportunity or business partnership.

IMPORTANT: I’m also having our event professionally videotaped, so I can forward you the recording. But this will be strictly for attendees only. No recordings of this event will be sold or released to the public at large.

Your token investment to attend…

It’s stating the obvious, but any amount I ask to cover your attendance is going to be dwarfed by the many hundreds of millions of pounds these strategies have generated for my diverse client-base.

To give you some context, to help them achieve these results, my private clients continue to pay my day-long consulting rate of £12,500 (with a 3-day minimum, so £37,500 or more in total.)

High as that may seem, they look at their ballooning revenues after bringing me onboard and see a true bargain.

However, I want to make the day we spend together far more affordable and easily within reach.

This is an event for entrepreneurs who need proven, creative, low-cost, low-risk pathways to profit. So it would be out of character to attach a mammoth price tag to an event suited to “bootstrappers” who don’t want to spend a fortune to make their fortune.

So, given that you recognize the practical profit-boosting value you can take from this event… I feel like a token one-time payment of only £697 is more than just fair, it’s extraordinary generous!

But I actually want to go one better…

I want to slash that already generous price by close to half, and extend you an early bird offer of only £197 to secure your entry at this one-off event.

(Note: this also includes a delicious fully catered lunch, where you will have the opportunity to network to your heart’s content.)

I’ve decided upon this incredibly low, token amount because I want there to be no financial barrier standing between you and the seizure of this legitimate “once in a lifetime” opportunity.

And I couldn’t be more confident that what you will learn in our day together will allow you to quickly multiply this investment in your future many times over.

But I’d rather not wait to start delivering you incredible value for money…


Sorry Totally Sold Out…


Please R.S.V.P As Soon As Possible

Participation strictly limited to only 100 entrepreneurial
action-takers, to maintain and protect the competitive
advantage these unique strategies have been proven to
deliver… and preserve the intimacy of this small group

Sorry Totally Sold Out…


Since I’ve successfully made price a “non-issue”…

and offered to provide you 3 times the value of your ticket before you even take your seat via a one-on-one personal consultation…

and dedicated myself to following up with you not once, but twice after the event is over to ensure your continued success…

The real question now becomes…

What will it cost you to NOT know these unusual strategies?

Who will you be depriving of a better, more comfortable life by staying in the dark about how to predictably increase your sales?

How can you meet your business goals without any strategic advantage or “edge” over your competition?

Do you have something else planned in September that’s more important than the future of your business?

Business is too often a game played alone… but it’s easier and more fun as a team sport.

Alone… you’re left unsure how to quickly grow your profits…

…always living “at the mercy” of the economy… and unable to turn to these simple and proven strategies time and again to create new revenues, almost on-demand.

You’re stuck inside your own head… A
prisoner to the limitations of your own
untested ideas…

Together… like at this event…

With multiple minds on your profit growth… ideas flow freely. .

Breakthroughs happen.

Business legacies begin to be made.

And that’s why I urge you to register now and join me.

Why rob yourself of this opportunity to discover such easy and tested ways to spur massive revenue-growth?

If you want a business that’s truly built to last

A business that doesn’t own you and your time, but that frees you to spend your time how you wish, take action now to get it.

Dream of cashing-out for a fat payday?

Your attendance on September 10th will vastly increase the odds of making  that a reality you get to enjoy.

Every moment wasted is a wide-open window of opportunity for an able competitor to weasel their way into your client’s affections…

…another chance for someone else to snatch away new business that should be securing your future—not theirs.

Don’t let that happen!

The clock is ticking

Seating is strictly limited for reasons I’ve explained.

Spots have already being snatched up before I made my plans public to share these hard earned strategies at this one-off event.

Secure your seat now.

Scratch your itch to know exactly how these specific strategies work… and how they can carry you to immense financial and personal success.

Accept my generous invitation while it still stands.

I look forward to meeting you in person.


Investing in your future,


Moe Nawaz, Strategic Advisor & Mentor to FTSE 100 Leaders

P.S. Why let this event happen without you? Why rob yourself of being able to use these strategies for years to come? I’m going to ensure that 100 of your fellow entrepreneurs walk away with new paths to increase their profits with very little risk… using time-tested strategies that have already created over three-quarters of a billion pounds in new revenues for my private clients.

P.P.S. If I could only tell you one thing that would boost your revenues exponentially — even if you think you’ve heard and seen it all — what would it be? That’s what I’m determined to share at this event.

Moe, I don’t want to miss this one-off business growth masterclass, let me register now…

Sorry Totally Sold Out…