How to Find a Millionaire Mentor

Millionaire Mentor

What is a Millionaire Mentor?

In most cases, a millionaire mentor will only work with other millionaires who are already successful but wish to become even more successful. But there are exceptions where you have business millionaire mentors who will only work with business owners or CEO’s who have sales of a million or more before they consider working with them.


Warning – Sharks in the water

So a millionaire mentor will only work with you if you are already a millionaire or have sales of a million or more. But there are other mentors who may be able to help you become a millionaire and my advice is to be careful who you give your hard earned cash to before buying into their dreams and not your dreams. There are sharks and there are genuine mentors who over a long term can help you make it to becoming a millionaire. 


Finding a Millionaire Mentor to help you for Free.

If you don’t fit the two categories above, my suggestion to you would be to start spending more of your time with people who already are there so you can learn from others who have already made it. After all, you will become the average of the six people who you spend most of your time with, so start mixing with millionaires if you want to become one and work with a millionaire mentor.

It is not going to be easy finding millionaire to give you their time or allowing you to mix or socialise with them. After all what’s in it for them as their time is very valuable to them and if they are to give up their time to you they have to have a good enough reason or cause to do so. In my experience, you will find the elderly millionaires are more willing to give you their time and guidance as they have more time on their hands and they also wish to give back to the community by helping others.


Identify Potential Millionaire Mentors

Once you have made a list of people you are going to approach to mentor you, do some research by using GoogleLinkedin, Twitter and Facebook to see what they like or dislike, what do they read, books, newspapers and type of cars they drive. All these little things will give you a better understanding of the person you would like to mentor you. Now think of a gift you could send them, a book would be at the top of my list that they would enjoy reading or if they are a golfer, find a good book on golfing but find something that they don’t see as a bribe but see that you have taken the time to find out about them.

When sending them the book don’t get asking them to mentor you straight off the bat as that will definitely get you your gift returned along with a “NO”. So be creative and use your imagination, attach a post-it note that says something simple on it, like “Hi John, I saw this book and thought immediately of you” and sign off at the bottom your name and nothing else, no phone number or business cards or anything.


How to Approach The Millionaire Mentors

If you send them the book as I have mentioned above, then, this will keep them wondering who you are and why this book. About a month later you can send them a simple letter asking them how they found the book or have they not had the time to read it yet. In that letter ask them to recommend a book that would help YOU to grow your business from X to YZ.

If you send ten books out to ten millionaire mentors you might get two or three that will respond to your letter by giving you information on the book/s you should read. When that happens, read the recommended book/s and write back with comments and or questions that you are unsure of how that something would relate to your business and your circumstances.

But make sure the books you send them are, valuable and relevant to each millionaire mentor so they see the value in the material they are about to read or they will not read it, hence no real value.


Another Approach

Another way is to ask them to speak at an event which has more than 200 attendees. I know what you might be thinking, “Moe, I can’t get 200 people together for an event”. I am sure you will know people who run events with 200 plus people attending, go tell them you have access to Mr/Mrs XYZ the famous millionaire and you will be able to get them to speak at their event. Deal done.


Look for Solutions

Don’t look for problems, always be looking for solutions as a millionaire mentor will tell you. Turn every problem into an opportunity by finding the solutions. The bigger the problem (financially) the bigger the payoff, for each solution.

Any good millionaire mentor will show you how to turn problems into golden opportunities by taking action. One of the biggest reasons most people never achieve their goals is because they lack focus on taking action. Having a millionaire mentor is one thing but not taking action on things you learn from them is another altogether.  You really need to be an action taker and be prepared to take lots of actions if you are going to be working with a good mentor or he/she will fire your sorry ass for not taking action.


Hiring a Millionaire Mentor

Your other options are to hire a millionaire mentor to help you work through your personal or business problems you are facing and you will get more out of it that way, but this all depends on your budget you have to pay these guys and girls to mentor you. They don’t come cheap by any means.

For instance take myself, my day rate to the corporate sector is £15,500 a day and will only work with companies with sales of a few million plus simply because I can add more value by making a few non-linear suggestions like a typical maverick thinker and get paid for results which could be in £100’s of thousands just for an idea. But the same idea for a small business doing less than £100,000 a year would yield a very small return that it would not even pay my invoice where’s the corporate doing £20 million plus would see a result of millions within a year or less and this is the reason why the corporate sector is always happy to pay my price to work with me.


Impress Upon You the Value of Working With a Millionaire Mentor

I am not trying to impress you but to impress upon you the importance of working with a Millionaire Mentor is priceless. And it doesn’t have to be me as there are plenty more mentors out there, some even better than me, I am sure. So if you are looking to increase your knowledge and grow your business with someone who has been there many times over for himself as an entrepreneur and has taken many clients through their journey to success then give me a call, if I can’t help you I will always point you in the right direction, after all, I don’t know everything.


Why Me?

I can give you over 760 million reasons why to work with me. During my years serving the top leaders of the FTSE 100 stock market listed companies, I have managed to increase their revenues even taking a very conservative figure and cutting it in half the revenues would still be more than £760 million in extra revenues. With over four decades of real hands-on experience working in the trenches side by side with leaders and top management,I have worked in over 100 different industries and sub-industry to know what works and what does not work.

The one thing all my millionaire mentoring clients get to see first hand within minutes of working with me is I am not some textbook theory nutter but with real proven tried and tested strategies that produce real bankable results for any business with a million or more in sales.

If the above is not enough to convince you that I am the Millionaire Mentor to work with you, then take a look at some of my blue chip clients who I have served over the four decades.

Let’s get an appointment in the diary for a call and take it from there, shall we? Click on the contact us page and complete the simple form.


Moe Nawaz

The Millionaire Mentor

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