Invest in yourself – to become The Powerful U®

If you won the lottery will that make you successful? If you buy the next shiny singing dancing gadget for your website or phone, will that make you successful? Just stop and think about it for a moment, what does success mean for YOU and what does it look and feel like. Can you describe […]

Business Growth Through Mentoring

Leadership mentoring is the backbone to successful businesses; take a look at the FTSE 100 or Fortune 500 companies to see why majority of them are using mentoring and coaching programs to grow their managers and leaders for the future. Sustainable Business Growth Growing and sustainable business growth requires talented leadership and management expertise which [...]

What is a Trusted Strategic Advisor?

trusted strategic advisor

Q: What does a trusted strategic advisor do for businesses? A very good question that needs answering. The strategy is all about making choices about the future and making long term decision that is best for the organisation and or the shareholders of the company. As a mentor and trusted strategic advisor to some of […]

How To Grow A Business Like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison & Dale Carnegie

What have these famous people all have in common?:Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Dale Carnegie, Harvey Firestone, Charles Wrigley, William Hertz and Graham Bell, they were all members of a private mastermind group. Every two weeks or so they would go away together for a day or two and exchange ideas and help each other with […]

What is a Mastermind Group?

“Coming together is a beginning: Keeping together is progress: Working together is success. – Henry Ford Let’s talk about what exactly is a mastermind group. As mentioned in my book, the Mastermind groups concept is often contributed to Napoleon Hill. In his book Think and Grow Rich, Hill defines a mastermind group as a “coordination of […]

Mentoring Today

Today, mentor or mentoring means different things, for different people. So the meaning of mentorship has changed. When I left school at the grand age of 16, I started work as an apprentice in electrical engineering and I had an engineer who I was answerable to by the name of Jimmy Jameson who I respected […]

Mentor to Leaders

One on one mentoring is about passing on experiences, skills, wisdom, and expertise whilst guiding and challenging the mentee at every major step of his or her intellectual growth. You can have a mentor from your own organisation or an outside mentor to help you progress in your career or your business. If you are […]

FTSE 100 leaders – V – Small Business Owners

I am often asked at seminars by small business owners how did the great leaders of the FTSE 100 companies make it to the top and what do we have to do to succeed in our small businesses? Taking Action or Just Dreaming The simple answer is winners will do things that losers do not […]

Building Loyal Customers, For Life

As you grow your business, think about the life time value of each customer and, what it will take to turn them in to loyal customers for life. Easy To Write Out A Cheque, Than To Accept Facts Why is every company and marketing director hell bent on spending fortunes on advertising and marketing to […]

Leader or an Employee?

How much of your time at work do you spend doing other duties, like making the tea, fetching postage stamps and posting the mail going to the post office, paying the bills, working out PAYE or your VAT returns, chasing clients for payments and so on….? How much of your time at work do you […]