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“If you have a business with sales of £6 million to £65 million, I can double your sales not immediately BUT Definitely” Moe Nawaz.


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Entrepreneurs and businesses leaders have recognised the benefits.

Entrepreneurs and businesses leaders around the world have recognised the benefits of mentoring their top talent for the future growth. By investing in themselves and their top performers, just like the FTSE 100 & Fortune 500 companies who Moe Nawaz works with to ensure that the next generation of business leaders are being prepared.  Mentoring for entrepreneurs and small business owners is proven to strengthen and enhance the performance of any business and its leaders to grow their businesses and even double sales in three years or less.

Questions I ask before I get involved with any business for growth.

  • Is your business Scalable for growth
  • Are your sales Sustainable for growth
  • Is your business Saleable with growth potentials for the buyers
  • Would you like to Double sales/profits in the next three years or less
  • Is the business working for you or are you still working for your business

I’m Moe Nawaz, Mentor and Strategic Advisor to FTSE 100 Leaders.

As the leading executive mentor to FTSE 100 leaders, I work with clients throughout the United Kingdom and around the world. Whether through in person meetings or through telephone or video conferences, I have helped executives and business leaders in a wide range of fields and industries develop their leadership and executive skills. As a result, they have become more successful professionally. Even more importantly, they have become more confident personally as individuals and have gone on to double their sales and profits in three years or less.

Sunday Times: Out of 100 mentors as listed by the Sunday Times 2015, I was the only mentor listed as working with listed companies and their leaders.

What influencers and members are saying

Drayton Bird, the worlds authority on Direct Marketing as stated by David Ogilvy "The Father of Advertising", talking about Moe Nawaz the mentor & strategic advisor to FTSE 100 leaders.

Most discreet and trusted mentor to FTSE 100 executives.

Over the last 25 years, I’ve had clients who were already rising stars and clients who were in desperate need of a turn-around. It’s never too early to begin working with an expert executive mentor. It’s also never too late. While it’s always enjoyable helping a peak performer go to new heights of achievement, some of my most personally rewarding experiences have been in helping serious under-performers totally transform themselves. By breaking free of habits and insecurities that held them back, they have gone on to building higher growth companies with sustainable results.

Having earned the reputation of being the most discreet and trusted mentor to FTSE 100 executives, I understand the pressures and challenges that come in that highly competitive world for small business owners such as yourself as well as FTSE 100 leaders. More specifically, “I know how to create and implement marketing strategies and campaigns that attract new clients, increase sales and make more money for you and your business”.You don’t have to go it alone anymore. Partnering together (businesses with sales of £6 million to £65 million only), we can take your business and your work experience to new levels never imagined.

Decide if you are ready for a new work experience.

  • If you are ready to start making your business work for you, rather than the other way around
  • If you are ready to lead your staff, rather than merely managing them
  • If you are ready to start growing and double your business exponentially, rather than just surviving
  • If you are ready to look forward to Monday as much as Friday

Then you are ready to invest in yourself by contacting me. Believe me, you are worth the investment!

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