7 Ways to Win or Lose a Client

What use to work in selling is not working today, we all need to change the way we sell. In the good old days before the internet the customers / clients believed whatever a sales person told them well almost. But since the internet and all the free advice and information that there is, the customer / clients have become more aware of what is true and what smells and how far to run from it and how fast and as far away as possible.

Maybe it’s time to take a different approach. If your sales are not growing then maybe you need to identify why that is. Just take a quick look at the list below and see what sets off alarms bells for you and see what lessons can be learned, even if it is just one lesson out of seven that could make a big difference for your sales.


The Old Way of Selling  v  Evergreen Way of Selling Today

1. Old Way: We have always been told by sales mangers and trainers to always deliver a strong sales pitch and you will get the sale.

1. Evergreen Way:  What I teach my clients is to stop the sales pitches and start a conversation and start engaging with your clients because it’s a two way street, especially if it is a high ticket value sale. The evergreen Client Attraction, Conversion and Retention System allows any company of any size to have evergreen clients for life, if they put the customer first, every time.


2. Old Way: The main objectives have always been to close as many sales as possible. This is good until you leave and the client feels afterwards he was sold something that he did not really need. This might be good in the short term for you and your business, but not a good customer experience when it comes to repeat business.

2. Evergreen Way: Earn the clients trust first by understanding the client’s needs and wants, and if your goods or services can be a good fit for the client. If not be truthful and point the client in the direction where he can find what he needs. This way you will earn his respect and trust for another day when he really wants your product or service and would not hesitate to refer you to another client because you did him a favour.


3. Old Way: You go through your sales pitch only to find the client has no need for what you are selling, time and money wasted on both sides, all because someone managed to get an appointment with the client.

3. Evergreen Way: If you follow the above steps of 1 and 2 you will be in a position to know that there is not going to be a sale at the start, so no need for the dog and pony show. But if on the other hand if you can recommend a perfect fit for the client even if it is a competitor then let it be. But you would have earned his trust like I said which means a lot now days. I personally have recommended competitors when I have not been able to meet the needs of the client. I take a bigger view of the whole picture and say to myself, that’s another potential client’s trust I have earned today.  About 63% of them so far have back to me for or with something for me even if it is a referral and all because trust was earned without a sale.


4. Old Way: Rejections are a normal part of any sales process.

4. Evergreen Way: Ask yourself could it be possible that you might have a high rate of rejections because of the sales pressure you apply to clients? If the client has shown a need or a want for your product or service then a rejection should never happen unless you apply pressure to the client. Never try and sell a customer something he has no real need for or it will come back to bite you another day without further sales from that client. It costs 5 to 7 times more to go and get a new client than to service one that has already purchased from you already. The aim is to keep clients for life by looking after them like royalty.


5. Old Way: Keep chasing every potential sales lead until you get a yes or a no in most cases then close the file.

5. Evergreen Way: By chasing a sales lead over and over you are putting the potential client under pressure to say no. Instead educate them by email or direct mail by supplying them with proof of credibility, proof of trust and proof of results. This way you will warm up the potential client till they are ready to buy in their own time not when you want them.


6. Old Way: Traditionally when prospects raise objections or challenges, the sales person would immediately counter them.

6. Evergreen Way: When these objections or challenges are raised dig deep and get to the bottom of the fears and uncover the real truth, and be honest with the client, if your product or service weak in an area say so, Mr Jones yes we take 5 working days to deliver when xyz company can deliver it to you next day “Because” we only use FEDEX who guarantee the product will arrive 100% as it left our office.


7. Old Way: When a new sales lead comes in, get an appointment and try and close it as soon as possible.

7. Evergreen Way:  With a new sales lead sent more information to educate your client about your products or service. Just like dating you have to know what they are looking for and are you the right fit for each other by taking your time over a number of dates. The more they know about you the great the trust, confidence and possibility they will buy from you over your competitors.

I would love to know your thoughts of the old way of selling and the Evergreen way of selling.

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Moe Nawaz: Author – Speaker –  Strategic Advisor & Mentor to FTSE 100 Leaders