———————————————————————————- TWO NUMBERS THAT CHANGED MY OUTLOOK ON LIFE. ———————————————————————————-   Many years ago I discovered something very sime that made me look at life in a total different way from that day on and even now I always advise my clients and friends to think of these two numbers and when every they have […]

Business Mentor vs Business Coach.

Business Mentor vs Business Coach

Business Mentor vs Business Coach – The Battle of Wits. I’ve got a lot of time for coaches. As experts in business, they take a lot of beating and, if you find a good one, over the long stretch they can be quite valuable. They will often – as coaches in other fields do – […]

Lead Conversion – Suspects And Prospects To Customers

Lead conversion by Moe Nawaz

Having lots of sales leads is great, but they are useless unless you can convert them into paying customers. Generating leads is not easy, converting them to paying customers takes time, skill and money. When working with my private clients to help them attract new customers/clients, I normally like to look at the whole of the […]

Single Biggest Cause of Business Failure – Lack of Sales

Customers are the bloodline of any and every business regardless of the fact, if you sell products or are a service company, be it for profit or not for profit everyone needs customers in one form or another. Sales and profits are a by-product of getting customers for your business. When I speak at seminars […]