Invest in yourself – to become The Powerful U®

If you won the lottery will that make you successful? If you buy the next shiny singing dancing gadget for your website or phone, will that make you successful?

Just stop and think about it for a moment, what does success mean for YOU and what does it look and feel like. Can you describe success, if I ask you?

Success starts within, powered by knowledge and followed by action, how big is your inventory of knowledge on your subject, your industry, your passion or your goals.

Our minds are very powerful, more powerful than any computer if we know how to use and master our minds. Most people in life go round looking to ACHIEVE success before we become the successful person. In fact it is the other way around if we are looking to speed up the process. First we have to BECOME is the person who we see yourself as, then we can ACHIEVE what we want. The journey all starts from within us in our minds and then outwards by taking action.

The biggest asset anyone of us owns is our minds. It’s what we do with it that makes it valuable or valueless as an asset. The question we have to ask ourselves, are we any wiser today than we were yesterday because of what we learned from yesterday? If yes then our asset value is increasing if no then it is depreciating.

Our knowledge & experience increases our asset value

Knowledge is a powerful asset if we know how to leverage it. It’s the difference between being poor and accepting that’s the way the world is or doing something about it and start climbing the ladder of success. Tell me the difference between a hardworking, caring nurse working 12 hours a day in a hospital and a doctor who only works 8 hours a day? Yes the doctor is on 5 to 7 x the nurses wages, what else, it is only the difference in knowledge. If that nurse put her mind to it, she can study to become a doctor, the chances of passing are high. Do you get my point…..

This is the same reason why people get passed over for promotions because they don’t have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience, yes they might have been there a long time but that does not qualify them for the job, maybe in the old days it did, but look where that got us. So why in the hells name do we try and run our businesses without gaining the necessary skills before we start out or at least try and gain these skill from experts or hire the right staff who have these skills to help us succeed in business. Gone are the days of build it and they will come in their droves to buy it. NO MORE.

Join a mastermind group

Here is a way that will guarantee your success – and possibly make you rich. Find yourself a good mastermind group and join it or create a mastermind group yourself see Amazon. A little more simply put…two minds are better than one. Better yet, when you bring several minds together, and they are working on a common goal, a synergy happens within the group that could not happen with one person individual. In other words, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In order to be remembered in a crowded marketplace, it helps if your business has a trait that is worth remembering.

The members of the group learn from each other by offering suggestions, insight and support to each other that they would not normally receive within their own organisation or from friends and family. This is not a “support group” and it’s not a “networking group”. It goes far beyond that. It is about having a solid group of like-minded people working on a common goal and sharing experiences to help one another achieve those goals. There is a GOAL at the end. Not just a “talk session”. In my Mastermind Of Entrepreneurs® Groups (Ritz Hotel, London) if you don’t achieve results for two months you are asked to leave the group. Accountability and commitments within the group are a must in order for each member to succeed, when you let yourself down you are letting the whole group down.

Invest your time in yourself

The average person watches at least 4 hours plus of television each evening and more at weekends. Just think by taking an hour a day you could read a book on marketing, business growth, accounting and much more. If you can’t afford a book or don’t like reading then take a look on YouTube with how much you could learn with all the self-help videos being added every day. A few years ago I was struggling to work out how to set up mail merge for sending out newsletters, I struggled for three days before I went on YouTube and learned in minutes. That’s five to six hours a week of knowledge; think how much ahead that will place you of your competitors who only read less than a book a year.

Become The Powerful U®

Become addicted to continuous improvement and increase in your knowledge consistently and constantly. With time, you will inevitably become the person that you desire to be. Then you will no longer have to chase after success. Success will follow you. Your mind will become magnetised to attract success.

You can become The Powerful U®, Go and start living it now.

Moe Nawaz: Mentor to FTSE 100 Leaders