How To Get An Audience Of 5,000 Plus To listen To You

I will let you into a secret of mine as it is the sixth weekend of this brand new group. If you were given the opportunity to stand up before say 5,000 plus people for five minutes and speak about what you do and how you help others, How valuable would that be for you and your business?.

Most Business People Try & Sell Instead Of Trying To Influence Their Prospects

The reason you are not able to shine in front of your prospects and customers is because without knowing it, you are doing them a disservice. I am not trying to offend you totally the opposite, like I said you are most likely doing this without knowing it. So what am I going on about then…..

Create Value For Your Prospects

Take me for instance, I have added all my business friends on my list of 5,000 friends from my own profile so I can share them with you because I can’t serve or reach everyone so I have opened this opportunity up for all the members to shine in front of all the members with your message on how you can help them. But please don’t try and sell, instead try and influence others by the content you share with the group. This way they will be able to see your skills and expertise and when you do finally make an offer in the group, they will only be more than happy to get their credit cards out to pay you.

Serve Your Friends, Customers & Prospects In A Sage Group

So the point I am trying to make, bring all your other Facebook prospects and customers who are connected to you in to the group and they will thank you. You are doing them a disservice by not introducing them to such a group like this where they too will benefit from sharing ideas and learn from each other.
I am bringing in people that are far more powerful than me into the group but I am not frightened or threatened by them at the least, in fact i welcome them as they can serve my clients much better than me but it was me who brought them into the group in the first place is all that matters to me. Do you get the point I am trying to make?

Don’t Be Shy, Start Sharing Ideas & Learning From Others In The Group
Good, in that case, we are sat at just over 5,000 members today, let’s see if we can get this to 10,000 in the next couple of months with your help by introducing like-minded business people into this group.

I would love to know how many people really understand this post and what I have just stated above? Come join me in my brand new group with over 5,000 happy members already, click the link

Moe Nawaz
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