Lesson From My Father

There is an old saying my father used to remind me whenever I said I wanted something “Everybody wants to get to heaven but nobody wants to read their daily prayers”.

Yes we all want materialistic things in life and yes we all want to succeed and be successful with our businesses but how many of us are prepared to LEARN what it takes to succeed and then apply it by testing and retesting till they get it right, not main, unfortunately. Yes, we can all make a living and get by each month but that is not what life’s all about by just getting by each day when in fact you should be living each day to the full.


You know and I know and maybe one or two more people that what you are doing and have been doing for the past x number of months/years is not going to change anything for you unless you do something drastically different to change your strategy, systems, processes and/or your way of thinking and start taking action on what can work rather than if I keep doing what I am doing and put a few more hours in it MIGHT work, you know it and I know it that it will not, so who are you trying to fool?.


Come on get real and start manning up and admit things need to change or you will never get to live the life you are expecting for you and your family.

So tell me in simple words what will it take to get you to start seeing things and life from someone else’s view rather than your own view only as thing are not working as they should be.

Most People Can’t Afford Me

I am not trying to attract you as my prices start off at £2,000 plus VAT per hour of Skype or telephone time and face to face even more than that, but there are plenty of brilliant coaches and mentors who can and will be happy to help you for a fraction of the price including some for free also.

You might find it hard to believe but I want you to do well in your business, I want you to succeed and start enjoying life that is why I have written this post with you, yes YOU in mind, so please reach out and get the help you need to get your business doing what it should be and that is helping more people each day.

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Moe Nawaz
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