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“Most Business Owners Don't Have A Future, What They Have Is A Repetition Of The Past.” Moe Nawaz

We all know that it can be a challenge to see ourselves as we are. This is just as true for our businesses.  We are counting on our businesses to generate sustainable wealth, so it is critical that we see our business enterprises as clearly as is humanly possible. In order to have this clarity of vision, we must periodically pause and take stock of our business and its position in the world, and ask ourselves do we really have a business with a future or a repetition of the past. My Single Day Strategic Assessment® is designed to help executives take a single day to go through this critical process or reflection, innovation and action. To be a successful business leaders and entrepreneurs, we must assess a variety of factors to position our business for the future, to preserve capital and to ensure health cash flow.  To facilitate this analytical process, I have devised a three step process to help you:

  • The Marketspace Survey – Leveraging your own knowledge about the marketspace for your goods or services, we map out and drill down into the trends, opportunities and dangers which drive your business. The marketspace includes the traditional marketplace definition, but it also encompasses the resources and raw material suppliers, the governmental and regulatory actors and other market factors. The Single Day Strategic Assessment® uses tools which are designed to help you see these factors in a clear and appropriate perspective.
  • The Enterprise Survey – Having mapped the market landscape, the Single Day Strategic Assessment® then turns to your business and how it is situated within that landscape. The Enterprise survey is designed to look on both the macro and micro levels. On the macro level, we will explore the business model that your business is attempting to execute. On the micro level, we explore how well your business is executing operationally.
  • The Assessment Action Plan – Having completed the earlier steps, it is now possible to begin crafting the actions to advance your business in its primary objective of wealth creation. Having a clear view of the marketspace, your business model, and your operational execution, the Single Day Strategic Assessment® helps you define the specific next steps to take.

The result of investing a day in the Single Day Strategic Assessment® can be transformative for your business and your leadership team. Businesses that don’t make periodic self-assessment part of their annual schedule will simply not be able to compete strategically in the business world for long.

Single Day Strategic Assessment®: The Basics

The Single Day Strategic Assessment® is an intense and highly structured process to give your executive team a clearer view and deeper insight into the current state of your business and your marketspace. It also generates goals for going forward and the action steps needed. For a corporate level event, the Single Day Strategic Assessment® participants will generally include the CEO, COO, CFO and the executive staff. It is also beneficial to include other team members with vary degrees and areas of responsibility. The typical group will have between 15 and 30 people. When the Single Day Strategic Assessment® is being used on divisional or departmental levels, the key managers for the division or department comprise the executive staff. I, Moe Nawaz, will serve in the role of facilitator. Over my 25 years of experience as a strategic advisor and mentor to FTSE 100 leaders, I have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes around the world. Those experiences have instilled in me the importance of this assessment process. Drawing on my own years of experience with a wide range of industries and innovative tools from the disciplines of psychology, economics and business management, I will facilitate the conversations and exercises for the day. My goal is to help the participants reveal to me and each other, the realities of the marketspace, the company’s role in that marketspace, the company’s health in filling that role through its actions and processes, and the next action steps to lead it to sustainable wealth generation. While the Single Day Strategic Assessment® is customized to each client’s needs, the structure of the session always divides into the three basic segments: the Marketspace Survey, the Enterprise Survey and the Assessment Action Plan. In each section of the day’s schedule, I will utilize a variety of tools and exercises which will enable the team to contribute and to give shape to the respective issues. The tools and exercises which I use have been developed over years of working with clients. In my role as facilitator, I will guide the conversation, but it is not a lecture format. The most significant contributions will come from the Single Day Strategic Assessment® team that we have assembled. Many clients are surprised at how much of the information and insight they need is already possessed by their team. It is my job as the facilitator to help draw this out. In addition to our group meetings, there are often times that it is helpful for the group to use breakout sessions where the group is divided to focus for short periods of time on specific issues or challenges. I often will purposefully compose the small groups of people who do not typically partner together in their normal work roles. By combining different team members in this way, they are often able to come up with novel solutions and to see the challenges in a new way.

Who Should Use the Single Day Strategic Assessment®?

The process is guaranteed to be beneficial for any group. Because of the boost in clarity, purpose and direction the executive team takes from the Single Day Strategic Assessment®, the entire corporate body benefits. The Board of Directors benefits from a clarified strategic and goal structure. The officers and executives benefit from a clearer sense of purpose and direction. The rank and file employees benefit from the clarity in their activities and their impact on larger corporate objectives. And, of course, the customers benefit because their needs and wants have been more clearly seen and understood.

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We have a small business which had been going for 6 years we became stuck not knowing what was happening in our market sector as component suppliers to the motor industry. Having worked with Moe for the past 3 years we are now also supplying the aviation industry, agriculture industry and the industrial generator manufacturing industries with our profits up by 3 fold since changing our strategies thanks to Moe Nawaz. Yes we could have employed consultants for much less, by working with the FTSE 100 strategic advisor we knew we were going to get the best. Thank you Moe.

Josh Akhara UK
Auto & Aviation Component Supplier.

Step by step guide with a 2 day Strategic Assessment is what we did with Moe Nawaz, at first take we knew we had to make changes in our leadership style order to grow or we would die but it was a question who do you trust and who do you work with. As an international firm of accountants we employ strategists and consultants but we needed an outsider with a fresh set of eyes and we got introduced to Moe through our bank manager and have never looked back in the last three year, Moe showed us how to look ahead through the windscreen in order to go forward and build our business and not the rear windscreen mirror.  It just goes to show even as a professional advisory firm we all need help at times, I am so glad that Moe is always there for us when we need him.

Steve James
Partner of International Accountancy Firm

I am so glad and happy to have spent the day with Moe Nawaz on planning our company strategy and vision to help grow rapidly than we had been. The whitepaper you have here is great for any businessperson to see what they need to do to start making exponential profits and that can only happen if you have a clear vision of the future, no matter how big your business is. Being a German company we always need to stay ahead of the game by working with professionals and Moe really helped us see things more clearly which other consultants don’t explain or understand. Moe is a very cleaver old fox with knowledge that can make or break a company, we now meet Moe every year to stay at the top of our game. I would recommend you start by downloading the Single Day Strategic Assessment and going through the document and see where you are with your business and how you can benefit from Moe Nawaz’s advice to grow your business.

Ezra Goldstein
Solar Industries, Germany

Three Things I learned From Moe Nawaz, From His Single Day Strategic Assessment. Those of you who know me know that I invest in myself and our 23,000 plus employees in eleven countries around the world. I first met Moe back in 2009 for a Single Day Strategic Assessment at the IOD offices in Pall Mall in London, the three things I learned that helped us to go forward as an organisation was 1) Re-discover our Mission & Purpose of the organisation, 2) Find and outline our future VISION then break it down into details till it was clear and 3) How to make decision that would lead the organisation to our vision by keeping in mind our Mission & Purpose as an organisation. Now I meet with every year between two to four times a year, best decision in my life.

CEO Mahmoud Ali Bin Wahid
Telecom Middles East