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Several years ago, two friends went to college, studied and graduated together and opened their own similar businesses. Mark had a wife and 2 kids, and Tom was also married and had a child.

Mark and Tom’s businesses were both doing very well until the great recession stepped in to wreak havoc with the economy. A lot of companies really had to struggle at that time just to keep afloat.

Mark’s business was really having a hard time. He had to lay off half his workforce, forego any salary increases and cut expenses to the bone. He had to make the employees that were left work twice as hard to help keep everything afloat. His employees were miserable and many wanted to leave, but they couldn’t find work anywhere else.

Tom’s business continued to grow and profit, as did a few other businesses during those trying times. He didn’t have to lay anyone off or cut expenses. As a matter of fact, he continued to give annual raises to all his employees. Business was great!

Mark’s business closed up late last year. Tom’s business is continuing to grow and expand into new markets. Thankfully, Tom hired Mark to help his friend.

What happened?  What made the difference?

It’s hard to imagine how two similarly trained friends, both of equal intelligence, came out with two such contrasting experiences.

Is it intelligence?  Drive?  Personality?  Talent? ——— No, none of that!

The whole difference is knowledge - what did Tom know that Mark didn't know and how did he use that knowledge to his advantage?

Tom had read my free “Eight & Nine Figure Strategic Sales Creation Engine” paper and spent time working with me but, Mark had not. Tom used the knowledge he gained from it to help his business prosper in one of the toughest economic times of our lives. Of course, Tom told Mark about it, but Mark just didn't take the time to read and understand it. He was “just too busy!”

Now I want to share my Eight & Nine Figure Strategic Sales Creation Engine with you. I want to give you that extra piece of knowledge to help your business continue to grow and prosper in today’s turbulent global economy.

Learn how to position your company for an entirely new level of business.

The 3 Main Concepts of the Eight & Nine Figure Strategic Sales Creation Engine® are:

1 - The Eight & Nine Figure Strategic Sales System ®

2 - The Growth Supercharger ®

3 - The Renovation Flywheel ®

The Eight & Nine Figure Strategic Sales System is a deep customer-centric model for approaching sales. You get specific, tested methods for identifying who your customers are on the micro level.

The Growth Supercharger will help you identify your High Impact Customers in your market-space and the right products and services that will meet their needs.

The Renovation Flywheel is a set of methods to help keep your business renewable. It provides the energy for continued growth regardless of the economic climate.

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Don’t let this one-of-a-kind opportunity pass you by. Get it now, before your competition does, and learn the inner ropes to making your business a total success in today’s global economy.

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"As CEO of "Who's Who Publications, I can give Moe Nawaz my absolute highest recommendation. He’s a brave and original business thinker, who’s shown time after time that he can get results for businesses across the industry spectrum. His Strategic Sales Creation Engine is a road-map to success for any business, large or small, online or offline."

David White
CEO of "Who's Who Publications"

"This whitepaper opened my eyes to ways I was missing out on profits. But thankfully, not any longer! I took more original and actionable tactics from these short reports than most day-long business seminars. It’s hard to put a price on Moe’s deep understanding of business strategy. Simply put: when he talks, I listen. If you want to grow your business, I urge you to do the same."

Marcus Kurkum
I.T. Director Edinburgh – Scotland

"No matter what size your business is at, you will be able to use the strategies in this whitepaper. The Strategic Sales Creation Engine is broad enough that you can understand the concepts and re-create them to fit your own business as I'm doing with my business."

Liz Hayworth
Life Coach Toronto, Canada