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Strategic Advisor Helping Build, Predictable and Scalable Revenue Growth…

About Moe Nawaz

Engineering Predictable, Scalable Revenue Growth for Business Leaders
In business, the path to extraordinary success often requires breaking away from conventional wisdom. To achieve more than just moderate success, one must embrace risk, innovate, and solve industry problems with unconventional solutions. This is the essence of maverick thinking.

"Leaders are often advised to think outside the box, but true innovation is difficult when trained by the same linear thinkers who educated everyone else."

I am Moe Nawaz, known to some as the maverick thinker and to others as the strategic advisor for over 40 years to the FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 leaders. My journey did not follow the traditional educational path. I didn't attend prestigious prep schools or study business at a university.

My family immigrated to the UK when I was eight, back in the 1960's. Adjusting to a new culture disrupted my education, and I left secondary school at 15 to start working. The fault was mine, not the education system’s.

PhD in Bankable Results
After leaving school, I began a five-year apprenticeship in electrical contracting and maintenance. At 21, I launched my first business in second-hand television rental and retail. Three years later, I sold it to Granada TV Rentals, a much larger company, and traveled to America to study under Jay Abraham, who introduced me to nonlinear thinking.

Upon returning to the UK, I replicated my success by building and selling another TV rental company. Inspired by Sir Harvey Jones of ICI in the 80s, I shadowed an Insolvency Practitioner for three years, gaining invaluable knowledge in business turnarounds. This led me back to America, where I worked as a consultant in the turnaround sector.

Back in the UK, I collaborated with top accountancy firms, driving insolvency and turnaround projects on a commission basis.

Nothing Beats Real Experience
With experience and insights from various masters in America, I found my niche in reviving mature, underperforming companies. My out-of-the-box practicality and hands-on approach have consistently yielded impressive results. One notable success was transforming a struggling £36 million company, negotiating a deal that saw a third of its shares sold for £1, with the balance paid at full market value after five years of growth.

The Five Strategic Pillars Methodology®
The Five Strategic Pillars Methodology® is a proven framework I developed to drive sustainable growth and value creation. This comprehensive approach encompasses five interconnected pillars:

Systemisation & Process Excellence: Building a foundation for scale, efficiency, and adaptability through continuous improvement and optimisation of processes and systems.

Staffability - Talent Alignment & Development: Harnessing the power of people by attracting, developing, and retaining a high-performing, purpose-driven workforce.

Scalability - Strategic Scaling & Execution: Driving sustainable growth and value creation through data-driven, agile strategies and flawless execution.

Sustainability - Sustainable Performance & Resilience: Building long-term strength and adaptability by embedding resilience, risk management, and continuous improvement into the organisation.

Sellability - Value Creation & Realisation: Maximising business worth and stakeholder returns by continuously assessing and optimising the key drivers of value, with a focus on finance, sales, and profits.

Accelerating Growth for Seven and Eight-Figure Businesses
By implementing The Five Strategic Pillars Methodology®, I help seven and eight-figure business leaders accelerate their growth, enabling them to achieve their five-year goals within a condensed three-year timeframe. As a mentor and strategic advisor, I work closely with leaders to:

* Gain clarity on their vision
* Overcome challenges
* Develop data-driven strategies
* Build a purpose-driven culture
* Optimise processes
* Foster innovation
* Create sustainable value

During Quarterly Performance Optimisation Reviews, I ensure clients receive sufficient value to stay ahead of their returns, maintaining a highly effective and mutually beneficial partnership.

You Win or You Learn
Throughout my career, I've purchased, turned around, and sold failing companies. While I've achieved significant success, I've also faced setbacks, losing millions along the way. These failures have been instrumental in shaping my expertise and resilience.

Today, I am a trusted mentor and strategic advisor to FTSE 100 companies and global business leaders, often considered their secret weapon. I leverage a dynamic network of successful leaders, venture capitalists, bankers, lawyers, and accountants to deliver unparalleled value to my clients.

First-Hand Experience
My expertise is rooted in first-hand experience, working alongside business leaders worldwide to revitalise underperforming and failing businesses with nonlinear solutions. As a sought-after speaker, I champion maverick thinking and value creation, helping business leaders address linear industry problems with innovative solutions, protecting their investors, and creating tangible value.

How May I Serve You
* Facilitate, challenge, and monitor strategy delivery
* Strengthen your board as a non-executive director/advisor
* Set standards and targets for senior management teams
* Scrutinise performance and monitor reporting
* Investigate and create new opportunities/marketplaces
* Optimise marketing and sales strategies
* Assist in appointing and removing senior management
* Develop long-term sustainable growth plans
* Provide strategic advice, negotiation guidance, and facilitate M&As

760 Million Reasons to Join Me for a Coffee
Success today doesn’t guarantee success tomorrow. To prepare for the future, you must dominate, not just maintain the status quo. Whether as a trusted strategic advisor, mentor, or non-executive director, I am committed to helping you overcome obstacles and ensure your business thrives. My clients have seen over £760 million in additional revenues, and I am eager to discuss how we can achieve similar results for your business. Let's meet for coffee—my treat.

It’s Good to Do Good
“I believe in dedicating a third of my time to building wealth, a third to learning, and a third to serving others. That's why I founded the #FeedingMillions program, providing at least a meals the homeless communities.”

My mission is to help you make a positive difference in your life and business.

"Helping to create and add more value for my clients"

Moe Nawaz
Duke Brothers Ltd.
30th Floor
Leadenhall Building
122 Leadenhall Street
London. EC3V 4AB.

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