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Power of an hour with the Millionaires Mentor over Coffee…

If you are currently the owner or operator of a business generating sales in the seven or eight figures and are looking to leverage, grow, scale, or even exit that business, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination.

“Anyone can help you get a short-term gain, but to engineer, a predictable, scalable, and sustainable revenue growth takes more than just intentions, it takes decades of experience” -Millionaires Mentor.

Hands up – I’ve been fired 27 times

As a strategic advisor and mentor, I've been fired from the boardrooms of 27 FTSE 100 companies and, in most cases escorted off the premises by security. In each instance, it was for speaking the truth that some board members found unpalatable.

However, in 22 of those cases, reality caught up within three years or less. The companies involved rehired me, offering apologies and bonus checks, and we resumed our work from where it left off.

I value your time and my time

I’m good at what I do. I’ve worked very hard to build my reputation with a large number of FTSE 100 stock market listed company leaders and have helped my clients earn more than £760 million in additional revenue through engineering predictable, scalable, and sustainable revenue growth by using my Five Strategic Pillars Methodology®. That is why I am able to make such gaudy claims because I am not afraid of the truth or being fired because of it.

As a strategic advisor and mentor to leaders and millionaires, I charge more than £25,500 a day to my FTSE 100 clients, but, I’m offering to buy you 60 minutes of my time at no cost to you. I do that because I know how much value I can create for you in that short time, and I know that the best way to demonstrate my value is through one-on-one and face-to-face meetings over coffee in the heart of the financial centre in London without trying to sell you anything.

That’s why I make a point of keeping 60-minute slots open for coffee with prospective clients who are considering taking their business to the next level such as yourself.

As a Millionaires Mentor, I can’t help everyone

Don’t get me wrong, small businesses hold immense potential. But my expertise lies in propelling established companies – those exceeding £10 million in annual sales (or just under) – to stratospheric heights.


My “Five Strategic Pillars Methodology®” is a laser-focused rocket booster designed for businesses already in high gear. It wouldn’t make sense to strap it to a humble tricycle, right?

My strategies ignite explosive, predictable revenue growth, but only in well-oiled engines capable of handling the surge. If you’re a go-getter leader committed to relentless improvement and already have double-digit millions in revenue, then buckle up – for a 60-minute No B.S coffee meeting in central London to see the potential you and your business have.

If I can help you, my help is invaluable

While many business owners are adept at managing their businesses, achieving predictable and scalable revenue growth demands a shift in focus from daily operations to a broader strategic perspective. This is where the Five Strategic Pillars come into play:

Staffability: Ensuring your team is capable and well-equipped.

Scalability: Expanding your business effectively and efficiently.

Sustainability: Maintaining growth over the long term.

Systemisation: Streamlining processes for efficiency and consistency.

Sellability: Enhancing your business’s attractiveness to potential buyers or investors.

Aligning your organisation with these Five Strategic Pillars is crucial for cultivating a business that can grow sustainably and scale up successfully. It involves utilising your resources in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner to maximize returns for both your company and its investors. Additionally, it’s important that your team possesses the necessary skills and mindset to embrace and implement these changes cooperatively, minimising internal conflicts and ego clashes.

Leaders seeking transformative growth have invested in my expertise, often at a rate of 5 to 10 times their annual salaries. This commitment reflects their readiness to make significant changes in their businesses. While the investment is substantial, the return is even greater – they retain ownership of their companies, which flourish and expand significantly under my guidance.

Whether you engage with me hourly, daily, or annually, each moment spent reflects the value my clients receive, including leaders of FTSE 100 companies. As noted by the Sunday Times, my expertise remains impactful regardless of economic conditions.

If you’re committed to elevating your business and are fully dedicated to achieving success, I might be the right person to assist you. I offer to discuss my proven Revenue Growth strategy, which focuses on predictability, scalability, and sustainability, over a casual coffee meeting. Are you prepared to explore how this strategy could revolutionise your business?

“None of my private clients recall my fees; instead, they recall the value I’ve contributed to their bottom line and organisations.”

What’s the catch? 

You may be curious why someone with my experience and expertise is extending an invitation for a complimentary 60-minute consultation over coffee, especially when my consultancy rates typically range into thousands of pounds/dollars per hour. The rationale is twofold. Firstly, these interactions provide me with invaluable insights into the evolving challenges and on-the-ground realities that corporate leaders like yourself face, enriching my research and thought leadership in the field.

Secondly, my core motivation is to generate value in every interaction, whether it’s a complimentary coffee meeting or a strategic phone discussion. Thus, I am offering you an hour of my time and a coffee in central London, at no cost to you. In exchange, I ask that if you find our conversation insightful and beneficial, you consider leveraging my expertise in your future business growth and development strategies. Please note, that this invitation is exclusive to businesses with annual sales exceeding £10 million (or just under), qualifying them for this unique opportunity.

I will even pay for the coffee

Reaching this point indicates your leadership dedication and openness to embracing the truth about your business growth, regardless of its severity.

The next action for you is to fill out the form provided to schedule a meeting. We’ll arrange a time to have coffee together and explore ways to enhance the predictable and scalable revenue growth of your business.

Please note, that all meetings are conducted on the 30th floor of our office in the Leadenhall Building (in case you have a fear of heights), located in London’s financial district. These sessions are highly sought after and are booked quickly, so I encourage you to complete your application using the form below as soon as possible to get your date in the diary.

If your business generates annual sales exceeding £10 million (or just under) and you’re interested in scheduling a 60-minute coffee meeting with me, please fill out the form provided below.

Please, submit your coffee with Moe application below.