Sales Lead Generation

Sales lead generation is one of the methods companies use in order to help find potential customers to grow their businesses. The goal with this process is to get these potential clients who raise their hands to show an interest in your product or service and then provide them with more information that will lead them to become paying customers.

The Hook or Bait

With so many websites offering so much information, people are always suspicious as to who to trust for what product or service. It is your job to convert the visitors from your website, social media site or mailing list from being a suspect to a prospect by signing up to your killer offer be it a free newsletter or a free product i.e. free audio cd, DVD or a report about the person’s interest.

Building Trust & Credibility

Then, only then can you start the build trust by providing rich content in your newsletter/report which adds value for them. This way you will start to build trust between yourself and the prospect. Your emails/newsletters must provide value to the prospect or they will simply not read the next email you send them or they will unsubscribe, as we all do. Do not try to sell to your prospects once they have signed up. This is a common mistake I see being made with most of my private client. It takes a minimum of seven emails to establish trust and credibility before you can make them an offer for your product or service. A great book to get from Amazon on Speed of Trust is by Stephen M.R. Covey.

Connect With Up To 30% Potential Prospects

Did you know less than 3% (can be lower than 1% in some sectors) of your total visitors will respond to your call for action on your website i.e. will call to inquire about your product or service? But if you are offering something of value, i.e. report that figure goes up to 30% who then sign up after getting your free report.

The goal with all of these techniques is that these potential clients will sign up for email lists or even a mailing list where they will be able to receive more information about your products or services. This, in turn, should keep them interested and encourage them to purchase your goods or services. Here are some of the ways in which you can generate sales leads for your business.

Direct Mail To Interest Potential Clients

With everyone banging out unsolicited emails online, the choice of the good old postal service is back once more using direct mail (or snail mail), even the giant Google is now using direct mail to attract new clients. This method can be fairly cost-effective as you simply have to purchase the envelopes or postcards and print the marketing brochures, letters or magazines. This is a great way to get the attention of people you otherwise would not be able to.

Call To Action Is A Must

For the direct mail method to work to its fullest potential, be sure to include relevant information such as your business’s website or email address and how to sign up for the email list. This method, however, will work best when it is used in combination with other methods such as emails or ad campaigns. The direct mail strategy should be a way to attract more people to sign up for an online mailing list service. It is amazing how many times I see direct mail with no call to action. Another great book on the subject to get is by Bryan Eisenberg Call to Action it has a formula for improving your online results, worth reading.

Using Social Media

Almost everyone is using social media today, if used correctly this is a goldmine for building potential sales lead generation to grow your business. It is a good way to influence your potential clients and market at the same time. People who use social media sign up for many different things which they like. For example, if they like a movie they will sign up for updates from that movie. If they like a style of music they will sign up and stay informed with a band or an artist and even the entire genre. The same thing applies to services and companies and that is where you can start to engage with your prospective clients.

Influence Is A very Powerful Tool 

Once you have started to engage with people on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and so on…… Try and join in chats, discussions, groups and other topics of interest to be able to influence people by educating them. The sales lead that you generate from social media can be much larger than any amount through other types of lists if you handle it correctly. Learning to influence your target audience is very important a great book by Robert Cialdini titled on Influence.

Using Email Lists

An email lead list for building your sales lead generation system can be very effective if you are using the correct list. There are two types of lists which businesses use today. There is the blanket approach which aims at reaching as many people as possible, and then there are the targeted email lead lists. It is much wiser to define your target customers/audience and mail them in order to achieve a much higher response than the blanket approach.

From Suspect To Prospect

You can create your own targeted list right from your company’s website. This is a very effective form of marketing because the people who sign up for the mailing list from your website already know who you are, so if they raise their hand to say they are interested in hearing more about your offer by opting in to your mailing list, the rest is up to you to build trust and credibility with your sales lead generation list and turn them in to raving clients and fans of your product or service.

How To Get People To Sign Up

Not everyone who visits your website of your social media page will sign up for a mailing list; your job is to get as many of them to do so and there are a few strategies that you should consider. You have to give your customer a reason to sign up, and it should be more than just telling them about new products. Start a newsletter which is exclusive to your customers. This newsletter should give your customers information about the industry, safety tips, updates, and new products.

Have a sample of the newsletter always available on your website so that customers know what they are missing if they do not sign up. Make the signup option visible so that anyone visiting your page will want to see it. Finally, make the signup process easy. Name and email address may be all that you need.

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Moe Nawaz: Millionaires Mentor &  Strategic Advisor to FTSE 100 Leaders

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    • Emily

      I’m really glad you included email lists and direct mail. As social media grows, people tend to forget those two tried and true methods still work very well.

    • Jennifer D.

      I’ve seen testing and it’s results on ‘call to actions.’ It really is amazing how the right one can generated so many more clicks. Testing such things should be a priority for any business if you want to thrive rather than survive as Moe puts it. way to go Moe, love the work.

    • Stephanie

      Social media has been our saving grace for lead generation. I understand it isn’t for everyone but we have a youth-driven, gender specific product and social media really lets us target that demographic. The evergreen client system seems like a good idea investing in your customers in the long run.

      Good post, thanks!

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